Informative Links

Below you will find some very informative links to websites about our great breed; the Australian Shepherd. Sites about health and genetics, Aussie rescue organizations, and Australian Shepherd Associations through out the United States.

Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute

We envision serving all Aussies, no matter what their purpose, the goals of their owners, or where they live. ASHGI will work both independently and in cooperation with researchers, breed clubs, canine health organizations and foundations that provide grant funds for canine genetics research.

Our breed is one long praised for its versatility. We can boast in-the-trenches working and service dogs; top competitors in agility, conformation, obedience and stockdog trials; and beloved family companions. These many areas of activity involve people of differing backgrounds and goals, but canine hereditary disease is a reality for all of us. Hereditary diseases are a growing breed issue. Without access to information about those diseases, breeders and owners cannot make informed decisions. Without research specific to Aussies, modes of inheritance will not be determined for our breed, nor will DNA screening tests be developed. Research requires both data and funding, both of which must largely come from people within the breed. ASHGI is dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge of genetics in the Australian Shepherd, and the inherited diseases from which it sometimes suffers. 

Otter Creek

We are located in Florida and have fun showing our dogs in all types of venues. We occasionally have litters of pups that are well rounded and versatile.


The objectives of FASA shall be:  To promote the pure-bred Australian Shepherd; to urge members, breeders and judges to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the Australian Shepherd Club of America, herein after referred to as ASCA, as the only standard of excellence by which the Australian Shepherd shall be judged; and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.


The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) was established as the parent club for the breed in 1957. We are the largest independent breed-specific club in the United States and proud to represent our Australian Shepherds.





USASA represents Australian Shepherd breeders  and owners across the United States and around the world. We are dedicated  to promoting, preserving, and protecting our wonderful Australian Shepherd breed.  This web site provides information on all of USASA’s many activities.

Toby's Foundation

Toby's Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support to aid in the fight against canine epilepsy.  Established in 2004, Toby's Foundation seeks to increase awareness of canine epilepsy and to help eliminate it by supporting the research to find a gene marker and develop a screening test for this disease.

Aussie Rescue

In 1992, three individuals doing private rescue were brought together by a common vision of rescuing purebred Australian Shepherds. They hoped to gain the support of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), which would enable them to create a network of volunteers who would be able to save their beloved Aussies on a much larger scale.